Oil Wall Murals in Dallas
Restaurants and Taverns
by Artist Rick Timmons
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Commissioned Oil Paintings with the same detail and realism as Timmons' other paintings
Just much . . . MUCH . . . bigger
If you've immigrated either temporarily or permanently from the windy city of Chicago to the land where "Maverick
Cowboy Stars" still ride horses to work and carry six shooters in their cars (no joke),  you may be looking for a place
that looks and feels even a tad more like home. Traveling up and down Greenville Ave. and having given up all hope,
you pull up to the last tavern with your head hanging very low.  As you walk in the door, something happens.  Its the
smell of Chicago hotdogs!  You look up at the wall only to peered down on by Louie Armstong, Al Capone, Elliot Ness
and Oprah Winfrey. You immediately realize that "There is a God" and "I have gone to Heaven." On a second take,
you figure out that you're actually viewing the center of a huge oil mural that's painted "
inside the corner of a wall"
The "Matt's No Place" mural is 17 feet wide, 6 feet high & sits 10 feet above floor level. Personalities appearing in the
mural include local Dallas, TV and Movie Figures. From left to right and top to bottom: Stella Martinez (in the arms of
Elvis), Elvis Presley, Lizzie Ashworth (the waitress), Craig Schenkel (local real estate developer), Red Reynolds (guitar
player), Blakkie Sherrod (Dallas Morning News Sports Columnist), Steve McQueen, Grant Lappin (Dallas Police Dept)
Woodrow Call (Tommy Lee Jones of "Lonesome Dove")  Augustus McCrae (Robert Duvall of "Lonesome Dove") Clay
Reynods (author), Mark Miranda (Dallas real estate developer),  Molly the Dog, Matt Martinez, Matt Martinez the III,
John Wayne, Kid Chilleen (Lee Marvin from Cat Balou), Ron Kirk (the Dallas Mayor) James Dean, Meg Holly, Randy
Galloway (Dallas Sports Columnist & Talk Show Host), Helen Bryant (social columnist for Dallas Morning News), Dale
Hanson (WFAA Sports Anchor including extra hair), Sam Elliot (from "Roadhouse" and scores of others) Clark Gable
Sitting on a direct flight from Paris or New York to Dallas, you may pick up the airline magazine and read about places
you've got to experience while in the city.  One of those noted establishments may be "Matts No Place" internationally
known for its preparation of wild game.  When you walk in the restaurant, you're in for another new experience too ...
The Corner Tap Mural is 14 feet wide, 6 feet high and sits 8 feet above the ground. From Bottom to Top and Left to
Right: Owner Dave Schum and Leslie Virgin, Michael Jordan, Dave's Mom, Jeanie Schum, Mike Ditka, Humphrey
Bogart,  Dave's Dad, Veronica Lake,  Robert Mitchum,  Mike Royko,  Nelson Algren, Frank Sinatra, Ernie Banks,
Muddy Waters, Harry Carrey, The Lady In Red (Courtney Timmons at 18),  John Dillinger, Oprah Winfrey, Louie
Armstrong,  Benny Goodman, The Blues Brothers,  Robert Stack, Al Capone,  Elliot Ness,  Studs Terkel,   Blakkie
Sherrod, Lee Harvey Oswald, Miss O'Leary (Katie Timmons), Miss O'Leary's Cow, Frank Timmons, Frank Luksa,
Randy Galloway,  Jack Ruby, Fidel Castro,  Marilyn Monroe, John (Jack) Kennedy, Sam Giancanna, Richard Daly,
Three Dallas Fireman . . .
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Working for free beer
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The Corner Tap Oil Mural Chicago Portrait Painting (emphasis left) - Rick Timmons - Loco Gringo Art Studios - Dallas Texas - 214-369-5511
The Corner Tap Oil Mural Chicago Portrait Painting (emphasis right) - 02 - Rick Timmons - Loco Gringo Art Studios - Dallas Texas - 214-369-5511
The Corner Tap Oil Mural Art Portrait Painting (emphasis right) - Rick Timmons - Loco Gringo Art Studios - Dallas Texas - 214-369-5511
The Corner Tap Oil Mural Portrait Painting (working for free beer) - Rick Timmons - Loco Gringo Art Studios - Dallas Texas - 214-369-5511